Class Actions

When the actions of a company or organization harm a large number of people, or when the rights of many people are violated in one single action or with one single product, many claims can be decided in one single case. This is known as a class action lawsuit. These lawsuits allow all who have been injured in a particular case to receive payment for damages without having to file individual, separate lawsuits. By naming specific plaintiffs who are given the ability to assert the claim on the entire class of individuals who were hurt, the process of gaining justice is greatly streamlined.

The Need for Class Action Lawsuits

Why are class action lawsuits needed? In a case where thousands of people have been injured, such as occurs with a drug that had unexpected side effects, filing individual lawsuits is cumbersome, and eventually some injured parties will be overlooked. A class action lawsuits allows the courts to address the issue one time, put a stop to the illegal or unethical practices and get justice for those who are injured, without multiple lawsuits. Also, this gives individuals the power to combine their efforts to fight large, powerful industries and Fortune 500 companies who have not upheld their obligations.

How the Law Offices of Stephen H. Ring, P.C., Can Help

Since 1978, the Law Offices of Stephen H. Ring, P.C., has been offering experienced legal counsel to clients throughout Maryland and the District of Columbia. With offices conveniently located near MD-200, the firm can easily serve clients in Gaithersburg, Darnestown and Rockville.

Class action lawsuits are unique in that they often travel outside of an attorney’s typical practice area, affecting people on a nationwide basis. Attorney Stephen H. Ring, P.C. regularly works with other law firms to file class action suits that cross state boundaries. With a thorough understanding of the laws that protect individuals from the actions of larger companies, Attorney Ring will help protect the rights of his clients.

With extensive class action experience, Attorney Stephen H. Ring, P.C., will push for a settlement that will not only stop the managing activity, but also improve the lives of his clients. If you have been injured by a large corporation and others have as well, don’t hesitate to seek legal action. By combining your efforts with others who have also been injured, you can get help. Contact the Law Offices of Stephen H. Ring, P.C., today to start your class action case.